The Casting of a Replica Arabic Coin Necklace Inspired by 'The Northman'

At Valhallas Silver, we're always inspired by the rich tapestry of history and storytelling. A recent project gave us the opportunity to pay homage to the film 'The Northman,' a cinematic piece that echoes our Viking heritage.

We decided to replicate an Arabic coin necklace similar to the one featured in the movie. This intricate process involved sculpting and casting in silver, resulting in a piece that captures the spirt of the original design while being a unique creation of Valhallas Silver.

Crafting a Tribute: The Making of a Replica Arabic Coin Necklace Inspired by 'The Northman'

This project was not just about replicating an item from the film but was a celebration of artistry and the blending of cultures - themes that are central to both the movie and our work at Valhallas Silver.

Handcrafting A Replica Arabic Coin Necklace Inspired by 'The Northman'

Connor mentioned below a recent memory

"I made Amleths neck ring and armrings for The Northman. But I never knew who made the Arabic coin they hung from his necklace."

As always, if you're inspired by our work and would like a bespoke commission crafted, we at Valhallas Silver are more than happy to bring your vision to life. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas and how we can create something truly unique for you