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Freya Pendant on Dragon Head Chain

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A piece of history around your neck

Freya pendant is based on a find in 1893 in the damaged boat grave III in Tuna/Alsike in Sweden. It is dated to the Viking Age (Arne 1934, 26-28, Taf VII).

The original pendant was in gilded bronze.

It is believed to represent the Goddess Freya because of the necklace she is wearing. Refer to the the poem Trymskvida, that is worth a read.

It is great find and it gives us a good insight into the clothing of the time.

The Freya pendant is:

  • 33 mm high. 
  • 15 mm wide.


  • This pendant and the dragon head terminals are cast in lead free pewter.
  • The chain is 4 mm in 316L stainless steel.
  • The chain comes in 3 different lengths.
  • The pendant is also available in Bronze and Sterling Silver.

Our Viking jewellery is handmade in Valhallas Silver workshop in Northern Ireland.

Freya is the Goddess of love and fruitfulness. It is known to call on her for help in love affairs. She owns the homestead in heaven known as Folkvangar and whenever she rides into battle she claims half of the slain warriors and Odin the other half, as it says here:

Folkvangar's where

Freya decides

who shall sit where in the hall;

half the slain every day

she chooses

and Odin his half.

"Snorri Sturluson"