The brooch of Aurvandil War Raven
The brooch of Aurvandil War Raven

Valhallas silver

The brooch of Aurvandil War Raven

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This Brooch was designed by us for a character in the recent movie "The Northman".

The costume designer asked a Raven brooch and as we couldnt find anything to suit we decided we had to make something to suit.

The design for the terminals of the brooch are based on a find from Uppakra, Sweden.

We reshaped the design to curve for the brooch and made the mirror image to end up with this large penannular. 

the diameter is 80mm across and the pin is 16cm long.

It weighs in at around 110 grams and is entirely made of sterling silver.

Also available in bronze.

Handmade in the Valhallas Silver workshop.