Small Viking bracelet
Small Gotland bracelet
Viking bracelet
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Gotland Bracelet
Viking Arm Ring

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Small Gotland Style Bracelet in Sterling Silver

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A beautiful piece of history around your wrist

This elegant Viking bracelet is hand twisted from 2 heavy wires and 4 thinner wires with cast dragon head terminals.

It is based on finds from the Viking age in Gotland.

This is a smaller arm ring, made for a thin wrist. 

The picture shows the Gotland style bracelet with a circumference of 21 cm. It remains flexible because of the way it is constructed and because of this it is easily adjustable.

It weighs around 28 gram.

Handmade in the our workshop in Northern Ireland.

When you purchase this Viking jewellery it will be sent in a beautiful black linen Valhallas Silver logo bag as a gift from us.